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  • Murdock, Clinton

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    Born September 25, 1921 to Leo Delbert and Frances Rosetta Dance Murdock Clinton Van “Nick” Murdock was raised in Idaho and a World War II pilot of distinction. He joined the Army Air Corps in 1942 while at the University of Idaho. He served in seven campaigns of World War II including Normandy. Upon his return he married Joan Packham, and they raised their family on a farm in Idaho before moving to Hurricane, Utah in 1980. In 1982 they started their 25 years of aerial photography work, selling prints to contractors and home owners among others. Nick piloted their small plane while Joan held a camera out of the window to take the photographs. As they lived on an old airstrip in Hurricane, Utah in the Sky Ranch area, they were able to house the aircraft in a hangar that doubled as their home and take off using the adjacent runway. Nick retired from flying in 2007 and returned to Idaho in 2008 with Joan. He passed away in 2009.