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Superior Sugar Beet Growers Association Edit


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Corporate Entity

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  • Superior Sugar Beet Growers Association


  • Administrative History

    In 1932 farmers of southern Utah began experimenting with beet seed. It was what made the difference between living and existing during the 30’s and 40’s. It gave the farmers of southern Utah a cash crop. The Utah and Idaho Sugar Company built a beet seed plant in St. George soon after because the beet seeds for planting came largely from Washington County. The seed was processed then sent throughout the intermountain west for growing sugar beets. Sugar beets were planted in Washington Fields, St. George, Hurricane, La Verkin, Leeds, and Bloomington in the fall. Due to the mild winter climate in Utah's Dixie, the crop could stay in the ground over winter. In the spring, the plants would be harvested and hauled by wagons to the factory where they would undergo a process to remove the seed and sort it into different sizes and varieties. The seed was cleaned, treated for disease and stored in bins. The association of farmers that grew beet seed was originally called the Pioneer Sugar Beet Growers Association, but in 1935 they incorporated themselves as the Superior Sugar Beet Growers Association. This was because their seed was known for its significantly higher production when planted. They worked closely with the Utah and Idaho Sugar Company, the main purchaser of their seed.