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La Verkin Bench Canal Company (La Verkin, Utah) Edit


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Corporate Entity

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  • La Verkin Bench Canal Company (La Verkin, Utah)


  • Historical Statement

    LaVerkin Canal: This project was launched as a private enterprise in 1888 by Thomas Judd and Thomas P. Cottam. In June 1889 the LaVerkin Fruit and Nursery Company was organized and incorporated. Thomas Judd served as president. Work commenced on the canal shortly after this date and was mile long with a 40 rod (~1000 ft.) tunnel through the LaVerkin Hill. Problems encountered were much the same as described in building the Hurricane Canal, with gypsum formations giving the most problem after water was flowing. Water began to flow in April 1891. Because of problems the Company sold part of their stock to meet expenses in keeping the water flowing. This brought more people to the LaVerkin bench and with people farming their own land the project began to advance. The town site was surveyed in 1898 and in January 1898 the first families took up permanent residence. The first resident of the community was Samuel Carpenter, who was hired as a caretaker in 1893. He constructed a cabin with lumber brought from the abandoned mining town of Silver Reef. Thomas Judd moved to the site in 1895, again using lumber from dismantled houses in Silver Reef. Maintaining the ditch and tunnel was a tremendous task, due to gypsum soils that dissolved on contact with water. Flumes had to be built over the most troublesome spots. Sometimes the entire stream was lost into cracks and crevices along the route. A townsite was surveyed in 1898, and a number of families moved to the town. The private company had a difficult time making a profit, due mainly to the lack of sufficient water. In 1902, the company changed its focus from farming to water development, and was renamed the LaVerkin Bench Canal Company. Water shares were distributed based upon the amount of land owned by the stockholders. Stockholders were free to sell their holdings, which began the marketing of LaVerkin Bench land. The LaVerkin Bench Canal Company's assets have been acquired by the City of LaVerkin. (Page 11)