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St. George and Washington Canal Company (Washington County, Utah) Edit


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Corporate Entity

Name Forms

  • St. George and Washington Canal Company (Washington County, Utah)


  • Administrative History

    The Washington Field Canal Company was incorporated May 11, 1875. Irrigation was required for the pioneer settlers of Washington who were struggling to grow cotton. Their many attempts to dam the Virgin River were unsuccessful and costly and so the residents of Washington formed a company. Washington continued to struggle with too much water and not enough. On December 7, 1889, the largest flood in the history of Washington County took place destroying the dam and some of the canal the company had constructed. The company lost all of the money and the work that had gone into constructing their dam. February of 1891 marked the completion of the new dam, which remained in its original condition until 2005. The canal that carried water to the crops of Washington was completed in 1893. On July 10, 1900 the Washington Field Canal Company reorganized and incorporated itself as the St. George and Washington Canal Company, which is still in existence today.