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Hurricane Canal Company (Washington County, Utah) Edit


Agent Type
Corporate Entity

Name Forms

  • Hurricane Canal Company (Washington County, Utah)
    1893- (Usage)


  • Historical Statement

    Mormon settlers in surrounding southern Utah towns realized the potential of Hurricane’s fertile land, but it lacked the water needed to allow for farming. The Hurricane Canal Company was temporarily organized in Toquerville, Utah on July 11, 1893 to determine if building a canal was feasible. The canal was built completely by the hands of the men who purchased company shares. Their money and labor went to finance and build the canal. In return each share purchased granted the holder one acre of land with water rights on the Hurricane Bench. The company was organized, and Levi N. Harmon was elected President; Martin Slack, Secretary; with James Jepson, John A. Wood, and Charles A. Workman as directors. After eleven years of work and effort, the canal was finished in 1904 paving the way for the establishment of the town of Hurricane, which was settled in 1906. The Bench Lake Canal Company was established on April 21, 1941 to give water access to farms on the Hurricane Bench that were outside the reach of the Hurricane Canal. With the use of pumps, water reached the outlying farm lands. In the 1980’s Bench Lake Canal Company was incorporated into the Hurricane Canal Company.