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  • 1965-2000 (Creation)


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  • Abstract

    This Dixie Sun Photograph collection contains the photographs, negatives, and proofs produced by the Dixie Sun News organization during the years 1965-2001. Many of the photographs appear in the publications of the Dixie Sun newspaper, as well as the Dixie State yearbooks.

  • Biographical / Historical

    Dixie Sun News is a news organization ran by the students with an advisor of Dixie State University. Throughout the years, Dixie Sun News has had four previous names; The Dixie Owl, Dixie News, The Dixie Chaser, Dixie Journalists’ Chatter, and Dixie Sun News.

    In 1916 when St. George Stake Academy became Dixie Normal College, the institution published their first school newspaper. They released their first issue titled The Dixie Owl, on November 15, 1916. At times the paper was also referred to as The Owl or Dixie Owl. The Dixie Owl was usually published on the 15th of each month. Copies of the paper were handed out to students at no cost. Nonstudents could purchase a subscription for $0.75 a year. The layout of the paper was simple and contained many stories, poems, and articles about current Saint George and Dixie campus events.

    Around the time Dixie Normal College became Dixie Junior College in 1923, The Dixie Owl received a new name becoming Dixie News, sometimes referred to as The Dixie News. In addition to the newspaper, the staff also published special commencement issues. These issues contain photos and names of students as well as highlights for the year. Dixie News continued publishing as Dixie News until the mid-1930s when its name changed once more.

    In the Dixie Junior College yearbook of 1935, the school paper had the name of The Dixie Chaser. It appears to have been called this until 1939 when the name was then officially changed to Dixie Journalists’ Chatter. With this name change, the newspaper added joke and humor sections. The newspaper remained Dixie Journalists’ Chatter until 1953 when another name change was proposed. In the October 26th, 1951 issue, an article from the staff wanted the voice of the students to be heard in making this decision, and the students were allowed to vote on the matter. However, it was not until the January 18th, 1953 issue that the name actually changed to The Dixie Sun.

    Since 1953, the newspaper has had a few variations of its current name. The newspaper remained The Dixie Sun up until 1980 when it was shortened to Dixie Sun. Between 1999-2001, it was temporarily named The Sun. In 2002 the name reverted back to Dixie Sun. In 2012 the paper added a newscast in conjunction with the paper and website. To emphasize this addition, and the growth into a multi-media news organization, the name was then changed to Dixie Sun News.

    With the increase of technology and advancements in the news industry, the Dixie Sun News organization, is very different from when it first began in 1916. They publish the weekly paper, update their current website, and constantly post on their social media accounts. The news organization will also have an occasional news broadcast. Even though it is different, the paper still has the same focus and purpose to inform and report. The organization has published a mission statement to emphasize the objectives they have. “The Dixie Sun News is a student-run news organization of Dixie State University. The mission of Dixie Sun News is to uphold the freedom of the press granted by our first amendment and give students a journalism practicum. Students will uphold the duty of a journalist by utilizing freedom of speech to hold those in power accountable, encourage diversity, and promote the flow of information specifically to students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and any other potential reader. Students will strive to report accurately, fairly and objectively.”

    Currently, an advisor and many students, enrolled in the Media 2210 or Media 2310 classes, provide the latest news and information about DSU campus, the local area, and the nation. The students are required to work about 10-12 hours per week and are given great opportunities to develop their skills in writing and reporting. The Dixie Sun News organization consists of a team of editors, multimedia reporters, staff writers, graphic designers, and social media editors. The Dixie Sun News includes the paper they publish weekly, their website and social media accounts.

  • Scope and Contents

    This collection consists of photographs, negatives, proofs, and slides that were produced by the Dixie Sun News organization. The materials reflect the many activities that took place on Dixie State University’s campus between the mid-1960s to 2001. The photographs were produced by the Dixie Sun News and were used in the newspapers they published, as well as the yearbooks. The collection provides a photographical history of the changes that took place over the years at Dixie State University and in the surrounding St. George area.

    The earliest years found in this collection are from 1965. However, there are reproductions of photographs originally produced much earlier. Fifty-one of the 146 folders are undated. A significant portion of the photographs and negatives were produced in the 1990s.

    Athletics is a major subject found in this collection. Other subjects in the collection consist of various clubs and organizations, events on campus, activities that took place, royalty pageants, parades, and buildings found on and off campus.

  • Arrangement

    Collection is arranged chronologically and alphabetically.

  • Conditions Governing Access

    This collection has no restrictions.

  • Conditions Governing Use

    Reproduction and use of the materials in this collection are subject to copyright law. Dixie State University Library Special Collections and Archives holds the copyright to unpublished material in the collection that is not in the public domain. Permission to publish, quote, or reproduce must be obtained from the Special Collections Librarian and Archivist and a correct citation provided. A user may be asked to submit a "Request for one-time use of photocopies or reproductions" form in order to obtain reproductions.